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Mr Macintosh Update May 09

Hello There Macintosh User!

If you are getting this email you have sometime been a client of mine — Thank you for your past custom!

1. Database on the iPhone: Filemaker Pro do industrial strength databases, then they made a simpler one with customisable templates called Bento which has come to the iPhone for $5.99. It will suit people who are out and about but need a regular database of all their contacts. If you have Bento for the desktop which is $79 you can synch between the two. Its getting easier to be a real road warrior with all this stuff.

2. WolframAlpha: a New Type of Online Search: WolframAlpha has just launched with the aim of “taking first step in an ambitious, long-term project to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone”. Meaning that we will be able to get information instead of the more factual search results that Google or Wikipedia offers because this search engine interprets the data we are calling up rather than just giving us raw facts. It looks very interesting, possible the beginning of a major change in the way the net works for us in a more human way. 3. RCDefault: RCDefault App is a simple Preference pane that lets you set the default application for any eventuality such as what browser opens when a link is clicked. This can be done in all the different app’s preferences but its handy to be able to do it centrally. It appears in System Preferences as Default App and is simple to configure.

4. Byron Bay Directory: Why is a recession good news for your advertising? Because most small business owners reduce their advertising expenditure. Which means your ad has less competition and will be seen by more people. Advertise now on the Byron Bay Directory and they will give you a banner ad for free. Offer ends 1st June 2009.

5. Google’s Monthly Plug: “Adding Search Power to Public Data” This blog entry explains how to compare the height of Everest with the size of a large bridge amongst other data uses.

6. Have You Been Scammed?: Scamwatch is an ACCC website with info on what to do if someone tries to scam you on the phone, like a client who recently found himself answering questions purporting to come from who don’t actually have a service in Australia. They attempted to get sensitive info from him which could have been credit card fraud or worse. Be careful!

7. MacWorld Newsletters: Are sent right into your Inbox with all sorts of tips, news, games news or iPhone hints. There are 8 different newsletters to choose from varying between daily, weekly or monthly emails to you, all free. Select what you like and change later if required. Well worth it, I get a couple and they often have little gems within.

8. The Twittering Masses: Twitter grows and grows, but what is it and how do we get involved? Different to Facebook and other social networking sites it is mainly a messaging service but that doesn’t do it justice. This introductory article gives a heads up.

9. Recycling Your Old Computer: LightForce 66858796 — our local Apple dealer — have introduced a program where they will take your old computer or monitor off you for a fee of $35 per unit and take them to Brisbane en masse to a proper recycling company who break them up and recycle them. Very commendable; so you can buy a new Mac without any heartache as to what to do with the old doorstop! Kudos to Sags, Mark and the boys.

10. New GetaMac Ads: Go on have a laugh — at some poor Windoze user’s expense! Have you noticed how PC people just don’t want to hear how much easier their computer lives can be…

11. BSMUG: The Byron Shire Macintosh User Group (BSMUG) holds monthly meetings on the 3rd Tuesday of the month upstairs at the Mullumbimby RSL. Catering for Mac beginners as well as experienced Mac users. Visit the website and the forum for more information.

12. A Reminder of My Rates: I charge $88 per hour including GST. No call-out fee or travel charge in the Byron Shire. Half hour minimum. Telephone support costs the same in 15 minute increments. Email support is still free! Please include plenty of detail in your email inquiries! Serving the Byron Macintosh community for over 8 years.

Items for Sale is a free monthly service for my Mailing List. If you want to list something for sale send me the full description/specifications and contact details. Until next time, Thank you Tommi ;>) P.S. Taureans Rule!

Mr Macintosh Tom Hain PO Box 1040 Byron Bay NSW 2481 6685 5504 041 840 8869

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