Mr Mac Update February/March 15

Hello There Macintosh User!

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1. Eco Maps

This website lets you view the ecological features of any part of the world. Fascinating.

2. Grand Perspective

A free, Open Source app to view your data in a graphical form. Handy for locating large files that you can’t find!

3. LaunchOnTime

A simple app to open any program at a specified time, say every morning at 6am for email, so that it’s not gathering spam all night! Or Skype for a conference. Free to try then $10.

4. The Hit List

Do you want to be organised? Really organised? Then the basic Reminders on your Mac might not be enough. Try The Hit List and if you like it keep for $50. Yes its pricey, but includes a version for iOS to get you organised across your devices.

5. Record Skype or FaceTime Sessions

Simple recording of FaceTime and Skype video calls is offered by the ecamm guys, but I wish it were all in one app…. $30 each or both for $45. Of course the usual try first for free applies.

6. Personal Database

A smaller, simpler database app for personal as opposed to corporate use and a lot cheaper than the bigger guys at $30, Ninox looks like it can do all you might need in a database.

7. Brightness Slider

Another free app that does one thing simply: control the brightness of your screen from a menu-bar slider like the sound.

8. Change Your Sound 1

With Boom a simple app that is a system-wide audio volume booster and equaliser with some good presets, so you don’t spend too much time making it work. Free to try then $15.

9. Change Your Sound 2

Hear is another way to do it with more functionality and more options for a little more money, $20.