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We All Love New Stuff!

Yes we all love new devices and operating systems from Apple — as long as our hardware, iPhones and iPads are recent enough to take advantage of them. And if you are at the end of a contract with a mobile phone company then you can get a new one!

So just released is the iOS 11 for iPhone and iPads. This is a significant update, not just a few glitches fixed but quite big changes, specially for the iPad.

Of course your device will still look basically the same, but for some eye candy. However under the hood are a few really good updates.

This page explains some of them:

When you install iOS 11 (and this is good practice on any update) always quit all open apps by double-clicking the Home button and sliding the apps off the top of the screen. This is good to do periodically anyway as it’s the only way to quit open apps which you might not be using but which otherwise stay open using battery and processor power.

Then there are the new iPhones including the iPhone X (pronouced 10) that we won’t get our hands on for a few months.

There are new regular iPhone models, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus available almost right away unless you want to wait — and pay a premium for — the iPhone X.

This page explains all about the iPhone 8:

And this one looks at the iPhone X:

iphone x

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