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NEW Mr Mac taking over from Tommi!

My first Newsletter as the new Mr Mac!… greetings to the whole Mr Mac Community!

I’m Dave Carnovale, aka the ‘New Mr Mac’ and have previously been known as ‘Tech Rescue’ based in Mullumbimby. I have been working across a wide range of IT for over 25 years. I’ve had a love of Mac products since the late 80’s when I purchased my first Apple product: the iconic Apple ll desktop. I’ve lived in the area for over ten years and my partner Lisa (aka Ms Mac) has been in the shire for over 25 years.

I want to stress that it is ‘business as usual’ with Mr Mac – same phone number / website, same rates, same service, same commitment. Tommi has had a history of fabulous customer service and I intend to honour that legacy!

Working with all things Apple gives the best security available compared to the competition. Macs are super user friendly and intuitive. They are capable of so many things that the everyday user is not aware of. From remembering your passwords securely to failsafe backup capability with Time Machine, Mac OS X has all bases covered.

I picked up the new iPhone X last week. It was time for an update considering I’ve just taken over from Tommi and there are many amazing advantages when upgrading your old phone (in my case, a trusty iPhone 6S). Amongst the many great advantages the new iphone holds here are three things I’ve found especially useful

* Access to personal hotspot and AirDrop from the lockscreen

* Security via face recognition – now you literally don’t have to lift a finger

* Much greater screen real estate with the removal of the home button

Also, check out this link for great tips about getting the most out of your new iPhone:

I also came across this great page of Mac hacks, check it out:

I’ll be putting out a bi-monthly newsletter. I hope to keep you encouraged to get the best out of Apple products.

I look forward to meeting you all!


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