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Right-Clicking Explained

Macs have had a Right-Click option for ages but it’s always been hidden and is to this day! If you have a recent iMac with a scrolling mouse or a Magic Mouse or Magic Mouse then Right-Click is available on these and any other 2-button USB mouse that is plugged into your Mac.

To switch it on look in System Preferences/Mouse (or Keyboard and Mouse then the Mouse tab on older versions of the Mac OSX) which will bring up an image of the mouse where you can choose Secondary Button for the right hand button.

On Apple mice this button is stylishly hidden, but it’s there!


As you can see there are also 2 side buttons on the Apple mice which can be set for any number of things, but it seems a bit over-kill to me and most people don’t use them. However, if you are a power user set them to your choice.

On laptops and single-button mice you access Right-Click by holding the Control key and clicking. This performs exactly the same function as Right-Click on a 2 button mouse.

So what does Right-Clicking offer? It is basically a whole heap of extra choices depending on what you click. For example if you Right-Click the Desktop you will get these choices:

Choose the one you want. If you are on a web page Right-Click lets you go Back or Forward or Save an Image to the Desktop.


I recommend that you switch on Right-Click and click around in different applications, webpages and anything you are doing on your computer. You will find a Pandora’s box of choices and options that you soon won’t be able to live without…

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