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Using Onyx to Tune Up Your Mac

Giving your trusty Mac a monthly or bi-monthly tune up is a good idea. If you combine this with a virus check (see and perform both procedures together you are giving your Mac a good chance of a long and happy life.

First download and install Onyx from

You will need to get the version to suit the operating system you are running. If you don’t know which one it is go to the Apple menu on the top left of your screen and click About This Mac and look in the window that appears to find out whether you are on 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 or 10.9:

About this mac

Select the correct download, click to download it and look in your Downloads folder to find the installer, called onyx.dmg. Double click this and you will get a window with the which is dragged into your Applications folder.

Eject the installer, trash the onyx.dmg file and open Onyx from Applications.

The first window asks if you want to check the state of your hard drive:


The next one checks to see if any repair is needed:


If it needs a repair call Mr Mac!

Then it will ask you for your computer password, enter it and the main Onyx window opens:

Before we get into the repair we need to set it up, which is only done once.

First open the Preferences from the Onyx menu. The only two areas we will need are Behaviour:

and then Messages and Logs:


Set them both as in the pics and then close the Preferences window.

Then click the Cleaning tab on the Onyx toolbar. Go through each tab of Cleaning setting them just in like these pics. Once this is done we are ready to run Onyx.

Apart from the setting up which is only done this once, it is very simple to use.

Once Only Setting Up Onyx: First up is System:


Then User:

Then Internet:


Then Fonts:


Then Logs:


Then Misc:


OK that’s the setup all completed, now we can run Onyx and give your Mac a tune up.

This is the procedure you will follow when you do your regular maintenance.

Running Onyx: Open Onyx.

Click the Maintenance button, then the Permissions tab and click the Execute button on the bottom right of the screen:


Repairing the Permissions will take 5 or 10 minutes, just wait until it is done and some text appears in the window.

Then click the Scripts tab, make sure all the boxes are ticked and click the Execute button. This takes 5 minutes as well:

Once the Scripts are done we leave the Maintenance area and go to Cleaning which we set up before.

Now that the setup is done we can just Execute each tab which takes a couple of minutes each.

At the end of each tab a window pops up asking if you want to Restart:

Click the Close button and move on to the next tab.

On the last tab, Misc, we let Onyx Restart after the procedure is run.

The computer restarts and is all tuned up and happy!

Now go and do a virus check and your computer is all done:

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