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Post Steve Apple – the Same?

Now that all the kerfuffle has died down and many of the industry Goliaths who spent their waking hours in battle with Steven Jobs have been so generous in their accolades, we are left wondering if our Apple will ever be the same. No Steve no vision?

Well it looks to be business as usual with the share price barely registering a blip and the iPhone 4S flying off the shelves despite the critics panning it, just like they did with most of the previous Apple products. It looks like he has put in place a strong succession plan which is working well with nary a blip, so far. Our simplistic media prefer to focus on one person rather than the hundreds of engineers who have the Apple gene imprinted on their own, who have been doing their thing at Apple for years and will continue to do so.

There is obviously a prepared plan of product releases for the next few years, the most interesting of which is the Apple television that Steve alluded to in the biography that was recently released, and which is a really good read by the way.

If you have ever tried to set up a modern TV with internet access and multiple functions then you will know what its like to use a PC! Non intuitive menus abound, the interface is not friendly to humans and it’s creators should all go back to Design Interface School. Ripe pickings for a TV system that is as easy to use and setup as a Mac computer or mobile device. Could this be the next area that Apple takes on and re-defines? I hope so…

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