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New iPhone 5 Arrives

So we have a new iPhone – version 5 this time. It’s very interesting to see the response of the commentators, the stock markets and in time the consumers, you and me. Many of the former concentrate on the technical specifications and how there are smartphones out there with more mega pixels on the camera or bigger screens, although no screen is sharper than the new iPhone. But they miss the point, which the following two groups get. Apple products are about more than technology: they’re about Ease of Use. Always have been. For the average person being able to make it all work is the most important bit given a certain level of technology. This is Apple’s strength: It Just Works.

Of course we demand at least parity with other smartphones in terms of the abilities of the device. But we want to be able to use the device easily or it’s not much good. I find that most people are quite cautious in their approach to technology, they aren’t going to dig very deep unless it’s easy to do so. Cameras have to be simple to use out of the box, as must all the other features. No good having something that can theoretically perform wonders if only you could find out how to work it! And as for connecting to your Mac, well it had better be easy.

With the maturing of iCloud it is easy. Any photo you shoot is moved into your computer from your iPad or iPhone automatically. All it takes is a free sign up to the iCloud service. If you buy your music via iTunes the same thing applies.

Now the markets get this, rewarding Apple shares with an increase. Punters get this with expected sales in the region of 50 million phones this year. Many sales will be repeats, like me when I trade up my iPhone 4 that is 2 years old. We know what we’re going to get, we know that it will be great fun to use and do all the things we want without too much anxiety. The name iPhone is used as a descriptor for all smartphones even those by other manufacturers. You don’t hear people referring to a Nexus in quite the same way. Similarly music players are iPods no matter who makes them.

And after all we are with the company that invented smartphones in the first place…

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