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iPhone 6 Arrives

Well finally it’s here, after weeks of the drip feed rumours. So what’s the big deal with this one? Just another number in the line?

For the first time Apple have had to listen to what the buying public want and have changed their tactics accordingly. The consumers want bigger phones and although Apple have always maintained that the smaller form factor is better because you can hold it in one hand while you use it, they have had to increase the screen size this time.

Interestingly, the pre-orders for the bigger iPhone 6 Plus are much higher than for the smaller regular iPhone 6. I had assumed that this would be the other way around, that the Plus would be for a few people who wanted the bigger size. I was wrong and it perhaps shows that I and Apple were out of touch with what the regular smart phone buying public want. Indeed research conducted by Apple showed that over 40% of users of other smart phones, like Samsung and HTC, said they would switch to an iPhone if bigger screens were offered. This is compelling data and indicates why Apple have pre-ordered huge amounts of the iPhone 6. They are confident of mega sales and plenty of switchers from the other barnds.

I have ordered a regular 6 and my wife has ordered a bigger 6 Plus because she does much more web stuff on her phone. And another change that has occurred is the Apple Care which is for 2 years warranty but now includes accidental damage! Yes, you can claim a new or refurbished iPhone if you drop it in to loo, a favoured pastime of many people! You can claim 2 replacment phones in the 2 year warranty. Price is $120.

It loks like a really good phone, I am waiting patiently and my wife is going to be waiting even longer…

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