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New Silicon Mac coming soon / Mac Tip of the Day / MacRecycle offer

Wow - time has really flown by since the last update. We seem to have entered a new phase of existence, with many changes afoot. Some are for the better, while other things that we are all dealing with 'together' are hopefully a means to a satisfactory end. Hopefully this will be a time of reinvention for all in a positive way.

For the last few months, I've been mostly working on devices from the Mr Mac home lab in Brunswick Heads. This has allowed me to have a basic level of activity as there has been some work happening to update the home base and I'll eventually have a dedicated Mac Lab on site. In the meantime, it's more or less business as usual, and  home visits are gradually coming back into the schedule. In this post I'll introduce an entirely new range of MacBooks, due later this year. Next there's a useful tip to help free up storage space on your Mac. There's also a great re-cycle opportunity to help clear the decks of unwanted and broken Apple Macs. Please read on...

MacBook Pro SILICON about to be announced....

Apple's recent decision to transition to it's own ARM chip design will see the eventual end of Intel-based Macs. This will assist in the end-goal of Apple merging the iOS, iPadOS and macOS operating systems.

Recently, it was revealed that the new generation of MacBook pro's would be the 'Silicon' series.

There is an interesting article here from Macworld in the UK about what's in store...

Mr MAC Tip Of The Day

Are you running out of storage space on your Mac? Here's a tip to potentially free up lots of space on your device. Go to Apple menu / About This Mac. There you will see a tab called 'Storage'. Click into that, then click 'Manage'. In there you will see an item on the left called 'iOS Files'. These are the phone backups you may have made to your computer. Chances are there are old and obsolete backups there that can be deleted. There may also be iOS installer files that can be deleted as well. If you are backing up to your iCloud Drive, and desperately need space, you can probably remove all these old backups. Click the relevant backup or update folder and press 'Delete'.

Hey presto! You have now created lots of extra space on your device

OLD MACS? -  'Mac Muster' ReCycle E-Waste Offer

Do you have any old Macs that are broken or non-functional? Don't have time to organise their disposal?

For the next few weeks (until November 4) you can drop old computers off to the Mr Mac Lab where I will scan them for any usable parts before sending to e-waste. If you need hard drives wiped, I can also do that for you. The aim is to recycle as much usable stuff as possibleoutof e-waste so that the life cycle of every part can be extended as long as possible. Get in touch to discuss whether or not you might have something that qualifies.


Mr Mac website

I'd  like to invite you to check out the new, revamped Mr Mac website: If you have any feedback about this site, I'd welcome any comments you have in the contact form. This initiates a Wix chat channel that sets up a direct dialogue. Hope you like it, and thanks for your time!

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