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Best Mac Apps for 2019 and some fancy stickers...

Hello Mr Mac subscribers!

I hope you've all come through the new financial year intact....

It can sometimes be a challenge collating all your information for the tax man, so I hope it was a smooth process for you all.

We are now well into the second half of 2019 - is time speeding up? Sometimes it seems so.

I wanted to share an article about the 'Best Mac Apps' from Digital Trends with you, to help you get the best out of your Mac.

These apps cover various aspects:

  • Interface - a host of options to customise the way you see your apps and info

  • Productivity - get things done

  • Entertainment & Social - ways to improve our use of these tools

  • Security and storage - essential to protect your system and identity

I found the section with 'Interface' customisation options the most interesting.

You can find the Best Mac Apps for 2019 info here.

For the readers:

There's also this article from iGeeks Blog, with info about the best Audiobook Apps for iPhone and iPad.

Lastly, some Mac 'eye candy':

If you use an Apple Laptop / Notebook, there are some amazing ways to customise the outside of your machine.

Have a look at some of these stickers ( I prefer the term 'stickers' instead of the unwieldy 'decals' which I never know how to pronounce ).

Here they are from the 'Decal Guru'.

I hope this helps you improve your Mac experience!

Remember to text me on 0418 408 869 if you need anything fixed up in your Mac world.

All the best,

Dave aka 'Mr Mac'

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