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This Is for Gmail Users

Many of us use Gmail as our email platform and it’s a happy relationship. Some use it in Apple Mail but many access their email via a browser like Safari or Google Chrome.

This page is for the browser email mob. It’s better to use Chrome for Gmail because it’s made by Google as is Gmail, so they work well together and many extensions or add-ons are only made for Chrome.

This article has 17 tips and extensions for Chrome to assist with using Gmail in the browser.


And I have cherry picked the best of the 17:

When you are on a web page and you click a link so that they can send you an email, frustration occurs because the browser can’t send the email so it attemps to open an email client (like Apple Mail) to send the email but it hasn’t been configured — because you user a browser for email! Well this plugin lets your browser send the email which means you have full email functionality in Chrome. Hooray, at last…


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