The iPad Is Finally Here, But Will It Live Up To the Hype?

It here: after weeks of hype the iPad was announced last night. It is basically a 10″ iPod Touch, which means it can read documents, surf the web, play games, download and read books, connect to a wireless network or a 3G data account and surf the web. All with touch-screen input which is the way computers are going to move in the next phase as we can see by the popularity of the iPhone and other touch screen devices.

Apparently it is very fast, a lot faster to use than an iPhone. Web pages load quickly as do photos and apps. On a technical note the processor is made in-house by Apple for the first time so finally they are building the whole thing, no Intel Inside here. We will also see this and other processors in the iPhones in future. They bought a processor design and manufacturing company last year and this is the first result of that acquisition.

There is of course a range of keyboards and other add-ons for people wishing to customise it to their uses and no doubt it will change and develop over time.At the end of all the excitement is the question: will people buy it? Not just the kids who will love it instead of an iPod Touch for the games size, but regular grown ups! That is the big wait and see that we will see played out this year.In the past Apple has changed the portable music player field completely with the iPod, so much so that MP3 players are called iPods.

It did the same with the smart phone by introducing not just the best phone, but also making the buying and downloading of music, video and apps so easy. I reckon they are assuming that the same will happen here and in a few years iPads will be a common sight and more importantly, people will use them as their portable computing device. If you have a iMac at home then why not get an iPad rather than carrying another computer, which is what we do with laptops.

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