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The Attack Is On!

Its been ages since I posted on my site: apologies for the slackness. And it’s not for want of things to comment on, rather a lack of time…

The writers of malware, spyware and viruses are trying to tap into the ever growing Mac user community with mixed results. Still no viruses or spyware at the time of writing, so they have resorted to other scams: you might find an alert message appearing when you visit certain sites telling you that you need to download some software to mend your Mac because it has been compromised.

Don’t do it! It’s just a scam along the lines of those emails that purport to come from your financial institution and want to “help with your security settings” and please could you verify your details? Or in other words, give us your login info so we can plunder your accounts.

Will they ever stop trying? No is the short answer. We need to ever vigilant friends…

This article (link below) explains how to get rid of the latest bogus Mac Defender scam. And spare a empathetic thought for the poor genuine Mac Defender people who have a real program to sell! This malware makes illicit use of their name to try and con users into downloading and installing this malware which then allows them to get hold of your login details.

Well, we still have a secure platform thanks to the ‘closed shop’ that Apple use and which gets criticised routinely in the media. It could be open like Android, the Google mobile operating system for phones and tablets. But guess what? That ‘free, open’ system are already viruses for it! No thanks, I’ll trade some limitations for a clean user interface that is secure any day of the week.

And I’ll happily pay the slight extra that Apple products cost compared to the opposition for secure, simple to use equipment. The style and ease of use are free…!

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