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Should Primary Schools Ban Smartphones?

A contentious issue has been raised amongst concerned parents in regards to the over-use of smart-phones in schools. They are getting harder and harder to control as the always-connected generation live and breathe social media, having had a phone from a young age.

They can’t imagine life without one nor do they want to be told to switch them off by parents, let alone teachers.

Some schools have tried partial bans, time contols and various attempts to limit use during school hours without success. They want a ban: no phones in primary schools during school hours.

France has just passed a law banning phones during school hours. The good old French — they don’t mess around do they! Of course not everyone agrees, even though most people over the age of 25 would probably agree with the ban. Is having access to a phone a civil right?

This is an example of an issue that wouldn’t have existed a decade ago and I reckon we will see more like it and have to come up with a way of relating to these new conundrums.

French schools

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