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Rid Yourself of the Online Advertising Plague

It’s getting worse! Pop-up ads, ads scrolling across the screen, ads sliding in from the side – adverts everywhere. The purveyors of internet advertising are getting more adept at getting their wares in front of us despite our attempts to keep them at bay. This you may already have noticed…

There are two fairly simple measures you can take to keep clear of these annoying intrusions into your online surfing experience. Both are ‘donation ware’ – that is you install the program for free and pay something later because you are so pleased at the job they have done – and both are simple to configure and run. A monthly addition to the other maintenance that you do will keep things running sweetly.

The First is called Adware Medic free download from

Click the Download button and a small AdwareMedic.dmg file will appear in your Downloads folder.

Open it to get the prompt:

adware medic to apps

Drag the as shown onto the Applications icon and it will install. Close the window and look in your Applications folder. Open AdwareMedic from Applications to get this window:

adware medic

Click the Scan for Adware button. It takes a few seconds and then brings you a list of infections found. Click the Remove Selected Adware button and the nasties will be placed in your Trash which you can empty as usual.

adware list

The Second is to install an Ad Blocker. It comes from and is also donation ware.

Click the blue Get Adblock Now button and a small file called Adblock.safarixtz will download to your Downloads folder. Double-click the file and it will install. Or it will offer a pop-up window to enable you to add it to your browser, which ever one you use. (Or the name of the file will use Adblock.chromextz rather than safari).

ad blocker

That’s it! The ads will be blocked.

Do them both and all will be well in your ad free online world.

Unless of course the ads are a part of the website you are browsing. Not much you can do about that except not visit that site…

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