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New, Update, Upgrade?

New iMacs, new iPods, new iPads, new iPhone 5…Do you need to upgrade? So many new improved hardware comes out in a continuous stream that it can be difficult to decide whether to upgrade or not — first world problems, hey! My decider when people ask me is to ask them: does your current Mac (or iPhone or iPad) do everything you want it to? Are you backing up regularly with Time Machine to an external hard drive? If the answer to both is yes then relax, stay where you are, your computing infrastructure is fine. It’s when you try to access a website or play a video and your machine can’t hack it that you need to thing about a replacement. Computers seem to last about 5 years after which they are either outdated or full up with your data. The tax office lets you write them off in 3 years so maybe that says something! However, there are many people out there with machines older than that which are running just fine.The key is always running a Time Machine backup so if the trusty beast does die you can just import all your data onto the new one…

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