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Mr Mac Update September/October 17

Hello There Macintosh User! If you are getting this email you have sometime been a client of mine — Thank you for your past custom!

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1. MAC OS HIGH SIERRA IS HERE: Another year, another operating system. “Should I install it?” is the usual question. And despite the heap of misinformation that I hear on my rounds, the new systems are usually good, with one major caveat: Don’t try putting a new system on an old Mac. It will slow down and run like treacle.

These new operating systems expect a recent-ish computer to function properly. If yours is pre-SSD, ie before solid-state-hard drives, then don’t bother. Any Retina MacBook Pro, any MacBook Air and recent iMacs with a minimum of 8 GBs of RAM will be OK. High Sierra has some terrific improvements to Photos amongst other goodies so have a look at this clip to find out:

2. iOS 11: The latest iOS iPhone and iPad operating system is out and it’s a major re-write. And mostly good. If it runs on your device – and it will only install if it’s compatible – then go ahead. Plenty of improvements and a prettier interface.

3. SMARTIFY IS VERY COOL: This brilliant app lets you take a picture of an art work and then view information about the work. Turns you into an instant expert!

4. MANAGE YOUR IPHONE WITH TUNESGO: Although it’s not cheap at US$60 for a lifetime license (including future updates), TunesGo has plenty of advantages to regular iPhone management.

You don’t need iTunes; you can backup and recover texts and all other data from your iPhone and move that data between iOS and Android devices; you can see the file structure and move files around like you do on your Mac; move photos directly onto your device; move music and video onto your device without needing to go via iTunes and it’s restrictions. It’s a big deal…and is free try-before-you-buy.

5. WUNDERLIST SYNCS ACROSS DEVICES: If you need to work with people across Mac, Windows, iPhones and Android devices then this software might be what you need. It syncs across them all so you can collaborate with anyone. Lists, reminders, plans, all ignoring what device they are made on.

6. SLACK IS ANYTHING BUT: Slack is for groups working together either in business or any other organisation. A free tool to enable better collaboration.

7. TURN YOUR OLD DEVICES INTO SECURITY CAMERAS: Alfred turns any device into a camera on your WiFi network. Can be for a baby cam or security or in-store overview. Free.

8. SHOW AND HIDE FILES ON YOUR MAC: There are many hidden files which you might want to peruse for various reasons. This freebie, Funter, lets you see them easiliy. It also lets you hide files which you might want kept away from prying eyes.

9. LOCK YOUR MAC WHEN YOU LEAVE IT ALONE: If you are in a situation where your Mac is left alone and you don’t want anyone to be able to access it then TokenLock can lock it and unlock automatically when you return, via your iPhone, or you can physically unlock it yourself. $11.

10. COMIC LIFE: Back in the day Comic Life was free on Macs and it was good. Kids love it, making comics is a breeze using your own photos or any other images acquired from anywhere. Now it’s US$30 after a free 30 day trial but kids still love it…

Serving the Byron Macintosh community for over 16 years.

Until next time, Thank you Tommi ;>) 0418 408 869

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