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Mr Mac Update November/December 16

Hello There Macintosh User! If you are getting this email you have sometime been a client of mine — Thank you for your past custom!

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1. OH NO NOT CHRISTMAS AGAIN!: Regular recipients of this intermittent update will know that this time of year I make a heartfelt plea: BACKUP YOUR COMPUTER!

I still regularly come across people who have lost data because of a computer crash or problem, which is insane considering that all Macs have backup software called Time Machine built right in. All you need is a $90 external hard drive from the Post Office or any computer shop. Your photos cannot be replaced… Here is my rave about backing up the digital life we are all involved in.

Also check out my Facebook Pageat which has regular news and comment on all things Apple. No need to wait for an update like this…

And of course have a relaxing break from the stresses of modern Western life that we are all subject to despite living in the paradise that is Byron Shire. See you next year which will be my 16th as Mr Mac! Unreal. And this from someone who has recently become a great-grandfather, yes you read that correctly. Can’t pretend any more: I’m an old man!

Happy Christmas and have a Funky 2017. I’m around all holiday so call if you need me and I’ll drag my sorry self of the beach, maybe.

2. MACBOOK PRO REVISED: After a lot of hype the new MacBook Pro has debuted to mixed responses. In the flesh it is a beautiful machine, incredibly slim, light and stylish with a fantastic Retina screen. It is super quick at everything despite being limited to 16GB of RAM, which isn’t an issue for most users other than high-end video pros who would have preferred the option of more. Previous MacBook Pros could address 32GB. Ports have changed to 4x USB-C type which are very fast and probably the future for all ports on computers to come, both PC and Mac. The link below considers that Apple are making high end laptops almost exclusively now, although you can still buy the MacBook Air for much less and it is a brilliant machine.

3. USB-C IS HERE: The new MacBook Pro only has the new USB-C ports, no older ports at all like regular USB or Thunderbolt or even camera SD cards. Why? It’s the future, Jim, but not as we’ve known it. USB-C is very fast and can handle everything including supplying power to the laptop. The downside is that we need adaptors for our older peripherals. Rather than buy a heap of adaptors this clever little device lets you connect all sorts of things to your shiny, new (very expensive) MacBook Pro.

And here’s an explanation of why USB-C is a good thing that we will all take for granted very soon.

4. THE GOOGLE APP: There is a battle between Apple and Google for voice-activated services. Apple has Siri and Google has it’s own offering. Both let you, in theory, make reservations, send texts, email, create calendar entries and the like all with your voice. Of course we have found the reality to be less than perfect but these services are works in progress. Grab Google’s free version and try it out. Perhaps it’s better than Siri with your accent…

5. BELONG ISP: A few people have mentioned a new Internet Service Provider called Belongwho have some good features like no activation charge and a free WiFi modem and no contract if you prefer. Of course I haven’t tried them so ‘buyer beware’!

6. ART STYLE YOUR IMAGES WITH PRISMA: This app takes your photos and videos and turns them into art-style images using templates inspired by Van Gogh, Picaso etc. Free.

7. PLATINUM NOTES: Although this is a little expensive at US$98 it is an audio app that applies compression and other filters to any sound files and makes them sound brilliant. Great for on-air production as it simplifies the audio treatment process considerably

8. SCREENFLOW: An excellent app for recording what is happening on the screen of your Mac, both sound and vision. It is simple to use and easy to edit what you have recorded right there in the app. Crop the picture, add a different voice-over, new sound track or remove the audio completely. Very useful for teaching or creating blogs, YouTube videos, recording Skype calls and the like. US$99.

9. A REMINDER OF MY RATES: I charge $110 per hour including GST. No call-out fee or travel charge in the Byron Shire. Half hour minimum. Telephone support costs the same in 15 minute increments Email support is still free! Please include plenty of detail in your email inquiries.

Serving the Byron Macintosh community for over 16 years. Until next time, Thank you Tommi ;>) 0418 408 869

Copyright © 2016 Mr Macintosh, All rights reserved. If you are getting this email you have sometime been a client of mine — Thank you for your past custom!

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