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Mr Mac Update March 13

Hello There Macintosh User!

If you are getting this email you have sometime been a client of mine — Thank you for your past custom! Mr Mac Facebook:

1. Cheaper Mobile: The alternatives to mainstream mobile carriers get more competitive every month. Kogan use the Telstra network and offer for $30 per month unlimited calls and texts to Australian phones plus 6GB of data per month! I’ll be switching…

2. WavePad Audio Editing: Free for non-commercial use sound editor offering heaps of possibilities and the option to buy extended professional features if required for a measly $60.

3. WD TV Live: For watching movies from any source like a USB stick, your computer, any attached hard drive etc and in almost any format, this device goes alongside your Apple TV (which can only get files from your computer or iPad). Although the Apple TV is great at what it does, there are many file formats that have to be converted and be imported into iTunes before they will play, which is where WD TV Live and it’s sibling the WD TV Live Hub come in. The hub is basically the same except that it includes a hard drive to store your files on. About $120 for the Live and $300 for the Hub.

4. Writers Unblock: Scrivener has been recommended for writers off all types as it is a content manager and a word processor in one. It organises your research and drafts and can export in all the main writerly formats like Final Draft, Word or just RTF. Download the trial and if you like buy for $45.

5. Xero Accounting Software: Apart from the accountants amongst us we all hate doing the accounts. But they have to be done…usually with MYOB, very expensively or with a slew of new products that are appearing, many with online cloud storage of your data. Xero is getting good reviews. I haven’t used it yet, but it has a free trial so you can see if you like it. (If you can actually like accounting that is). Also check with the person who submits your accounts to the tax office to ensure they can access the data. $29, $49 or $64 per month. Some accountants have a bulk deal so will let you lease Xero via them for cheaper rates.

6. TOR for Privacy: If you are the sort of person who likes privacy then consider Tor. This free, Open Source network keeps your communication anonymous.

7. DropClip: Many people are suing DropBox the free file sharing service. This addition is only $2 and makes it much easier to send links to a file to a co worker.

8. Repix Your Photos: Pretty cool free app to transform your pix. With an in-app purchase of more brushes when you are tired of the free ones…

9. FX Factory: These guys have a free app that gives you heaps of free filters for Final Cut Pro X, the latest video editing software from Apple. As well as the free filters and effects are heaps of try-before-you-buy installs. If you like the effect you can buy it otherwise try something else.

10. A Reminder of My Rates: I charge $88 per hour including GST. No call-out fee or travel charge in the Byron Shire. Half hour minimum. Telephone support costs the same in 15 minute increments. Email support is still free! Please include plenty of detail in your email inquiries. Serving the Byron Macintosh community for over 10 years. Until next time, Thank you Tommi ;>)

Mr Macintosh Tom Hain PO Box 1040 Byron Bay NSW 2481 6685 5504 041 840 8869

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