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Mr Mac Update June 14

Hello There Macintosh User!

If you are getting this email you have sometime been a client of mine — Thank you for your past custom! Like the Mr Mac Facebook page for regular updates:


I am now able to accept payment via VISA or MasterCard Credit Cards, with no surcharge


1. Camera Lock: I’ve noticed a few people taping over their cameras to keep the hackers out! Well, you can’t be too sure can you. For $3 this app lets you do it a little more elegantly…and it alerts you if something or someone is trying to use your camera.

2. Record A Phone Call: This is the one to record calls on the iPhone. Incoming or outgoing calls even if they have already started. Saves them as MP3s so you can easily edit and share. $10 in the App Store.

3. A New Era In Hearing Aids: Mobile iDevice technology is getting into everything. After all they are small computers so can be used to revolutionise many different things, like hearing aids! Resound are one such company. If you use an aid or know someone who does alert them to this breakthrough.

4. Spy Satellite App: Crikey, now you can buy your own high res images of anywhere on earth from an app! It also notifies you if a satellite is taking a pic of you…. This seems to be a little bit of the spy vs spy world in our pockets. If we can easily have up to date images of anywhere and buy and download them from an iPhone app, what’s next? I suppose that’s a live satellite feed onto your iPhone! No doubt that is coming soon too. 5. Sports Quest: And this one is for sports fans, a sort of trivial pursuits but about sport. Free, with in-app purchases for extra content.

6. Resizer for Resizing Photos: Sometimes a dedicated app is what you want. This one resizes images without distortion and removes objects from the pic. $20 in the App Store.

7. SafeMonk for DropBox: SafeMonk encrypts your DropBox folder or folders inside it for free. This prevents anyone inadvertently accessing data that wasn’t meant for them! Free for non-commercial users and $80 per user per year for business.

8. Perfect Traveller: There are a few of these kind of apps around, a sort of travelling companion who is very knowledgeable! Free.

9. Boondocking in the USA: A cheap $2 app that helps you find remote free camping areas while on that camping/hitch hiking tour of the US. Back in the day it was US on $10 a Day then the Lonely Planet now its an iPhone app! 10. Items for Sale: Is a free service. If you want to list something for sale send me the full description/specifications and contact details. 11. A Reminder of My Rates: I charge $110 per hour including GST. No call-out fee or travel charge in the Byron Shire. Half hour minimum. Telephone support costs the same in 15 minute increments. Email support is still free! Please include plenty of detail in your email inquiries. Serving the Byron Macintosh community for over 13 years. Until next time, Thank you Tommi ;>) 0418408869

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