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Magic Mouse

The latest mouse to be released by Apple is named Magic with good reason! Although this is the second mouse they have made with right-click or multi-click facility it is the first one that does the job of being a mouse in a way that works. See Right-Clicking Explained if you are unsure what it means. The last mouse, called the Mighty Mouse was a disaster. Despite having the grand ambition of a scroll button that could work in 360 degrees it couldn’t scroll properly up and down. Many people who received one with their Macs resorted to using a 3rd party mouse… A turkey and best forgotten about.

But now we have the Magic Mouse and it’s a corker. It has a smooth top surface that can right-click and scroll as per usual but can also turn pages in your web browser if you use 2 fingers next to each other. It has similar technology to the iPhone or the current laptops with one-piece trackpads in that the faster you move your fingers the faster it scrolls or moves the page or image. Called ‘momentum scrolling’ it’s difficult to describe but feels so natural.


Once you have it installed and set up, which is automatically done if you have a new Mac, go to System Preferences and click on the Mouse section. Here you will find a series of movies showing you how to use it.


If you are adding it to an existing Mac be warned it only works on OS 10.5.8 Leopard and later systems and needs software installed from the supplied CD before it will work. Then you will need to set it up as per the instructions which are quite simple.

The great thing about this mouse is that it works very well and intuitively like Apple products are supposed to. At $69 it is priced about the same as any wireless mouse on the market and does things that none of them can match. The smooth surface is just right to use and feels like this is how mice should always have been.

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