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Living With Apple

As life gets faster and we see changes occur more rapidly in the technology sector, we will feel these changes in our day to day lives more keenly than before because nowadays our regular lives are closely bound to technology.

For better or worse we have embraced technology in our use of iPhones particularly, and iPads as well to a lesser extent and have reached a point where we almost can’t work without them! A bit like our relationship with computers now compared with how it was say 5 years ago: everyone needs a computer in the modern western world which wasn’t the case 5 years ago.

Although everyone doesn’t need an iPhone it certainly helps keep the whole lifestyle operating. I can’t imagine getting along with our iCal. I use it as a reminder for everything from Mr Mac jobs to keeping me notified of shopping, parties, Boot Camp work outs, birthday dates and any other to-dos that I might otherwise forget. One glance at iCal on my iPhone, iPad or iMac and I know what I’m doing and what I need to do today. All synced between the devices automatically via iCloud means a simple life.

But it also means I am tied to the Apple infrastructure and reliant on it. Fortunately they have technological integrity, i.e. it almost always works! I can rely on my data being available. Once we accept that we are technologically bound the next question is who to trust with our data; trust as in not exposing it to other parties and trust as in making it available 24/7 without hassle.

So far Apple fulfils the role better than anyone else, their technology is user friendly and of course, it is fun to live with. That is a big point because otherwise it becomes a chore instead of a tool. As the rate of change accelerates, as we know it will, that becomes important.

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