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Get Rid of Adware With Free Malwarebytes

Although we still don’t have viruses on the Mac platform there are other nasties which can be acquired by simply clicking on the wrong website! Fortunately there is good free anti-malware software called Malwarebytes which locates and cleans your computer.

Run it then install a free antivirus checker called Avast. This page explains how:

Go to and download and drag the app into your Applications folder and open it from there.

Open the Malwarebytes app, accept the install with your computer login password and opn the app from Applications folder to get the main screen:

Click the Scan button and it will do it’s thing. If there are any nasty files a list will appear and you can get rid of them:

malwarebytes 3

Click the Remove Selected items button and Restart when prompted to do so.

Next go to this page which explains how to install Avast free anti-virus which runs continuously.:

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