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It is strange still to see Apple in the news all the time. It seems not that long ago that it was a cult product, only used by those ‘in the know’ whereas now it is the biggest company in the world and as such is a target for all sorts of attention that we didn’t used to get.

The virus and malware issue is still poking it’s head up and although there still haven’t been any real viruses for Macs there are some worms around. Take care and run a virus checker regularly. (see

Litigation by people hoping to make a buck from a rich player abound. The ongoing court battles with Samsung over patent rights continue although a deal recently made with smart phone maker HTC signals that perhaps common sense and legal bills mean that a similar deal might be made with the giant maker of Nexus phones and tablets in future.

And the question of whether Apple can be as good as it was when Steve Jobs ran things is constantly asked. The recent removal of a key member of the hierarchy, Scott Forestall, indicated that things can still change at the top. Apparently the current look of the Calendar and Contacts was his choice so now that Jony Ive has taken over the software design side of things as well as the hardware we should see a return to a classical Apple look and feel. The current graphical style is awful, witness the faux ‘torn paper’ and notebook look, an aberration of design standards.

Of course Apple still go their own way with the latest fastest computers dumping a DVD/CD drive in favour of lighter weight…remember when they dumped the floppy? Everyone yelled about what a disaster it was until time proved Apple correct. Some of us use a DVD/CD drive regularly but there are many who don’t and on a laptop lugging it around doesn’t make sense. But for the first time in a long time they have reacted to the market rather than driven it with the iPad Mini. Good to see some flexibility: the customer is always right but sometimes you have to tell them what they want!

We are now the mainstream. We are not alone any more…

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